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LOT 2 (nO. 10) THATCHER STREET, WAROONA - Application for Planning Consent for FENCE



Council wishes to inform you that it has received an application for Planning Consent for a LIMESTONE FENCE at the above property.


The application proposes the following variations to the Residential Design Codes (R Codes):

  • Visually impermeable to 1.8m high in lieu of 1.2m high; and
  • Fencing not truncated or reduced to no higher than 0.75m within 1.5m of where the fence adjoins a vehicle access point/ where a driveway meets a public street.

A variation to the R-Code standards may be permitted by Council under the Shire of Waroona Town Planning Scheme No.7. In considering the application Council is required to notify the owners of land that may potentially be affected by the proposal, according to Local Planning Policy 1.0 – Community Consultation.Prior to determining the application, Council is required to seek comments on the proposal. Comments can be submitted in writing, electronically, or by fax. Should you wish to comment, please see the below details:

Written comments:            Chief Executive Officer

                                       Shire of Waroona

                                       PO Box 20

                                       WAROONA  WA  6215


Electronic comments:


Fax:                                 (08) 9733 1883


Submissions must be received prior to the close of business on 27th October 2017. Any comments will be taken into consideration by Council in determining the application; however, Council is not obliged to support the comments.