Waroona Health And Community Resource Centre

The Waroona Community Resource Centre in located in the Waroona Community Centre at 10 Henning Street, Waroona.  The Resource Centre provides a vast array of services and facilities to the community including:
Computer usage Comuter membership available
Computer and Internet access
Services Laminating business card to 1m, folding,
Guillotine, Binding, Scanning, Printing/Photocopying b/w
and colour, Fax send/receive, email send/receive, resume writing,
word processing, basic PC tutoring and data transfer
Room/Office Hire
Justice of the Peace signing - Mon/Tues/Wed 1.30pm - 3.30pm by app only
Community Car - administration and bookings
TRANSWA information and bookings
Community Cuppa
Community Kitchen
Job Board - updated daily
Other services ATO Information
Video Conferencing
Government Information
Broadband for Seniors - BFS
Human Services - Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support Agency - Fax and
telephone available (access point only no Human Servicess staff on-site)
Seniors Information
National Identification Livestock Scheme - NLIS Wand
Youth Centre - Friday evening
Little Youthie - Thursday afternoon
Family Support Service
Employment Agencies
Forrest Medical
Chiropractor - appointment required
Child Health 
Finucare - appointment required
Disability Services
Salvation Army
Mandurah Podiatry
GP Down South Bus Wed/Thurs/Fri
Peel Community Legal - appointment required
Minister Colin Holt MLA
Family Support Service 

For more information please refer to the Community Centre website www.crc.net.au or contact reception on 9733 2545 or 9733 3011 or Fax on 9733 3022, Mon - Thurs 9am-4pm and Fri 9am-3pm.