Generally speaking, all development requires Planning Approval unless specifically exempted by Town Planning Scheme 7. If you plan to undertake development, you may need Planning Approval and will need to make an Application for Planning Consent. All applications are subject to fees.

Some simple development, especially sheds and Single Houses, is exempt from the need to obtain Planning Approval. Prior to undertaking any building work, it is likely that a Building Licence will need to be obtained (see Building Licences).


Extractive Industry

Prior to extracting sand, gravel, limestone or lime sand, an operator must obtain both planning approval and an extractive industry licence. Planning approvals are issued under Town Planning Scheme 7 and extractive industry licences under Council's Extractive Industry Local Law.

Mining of bauxite, minerals sands or other types of minerals is not regulated by Council. These types of operations are subject to the Mining Act and are primarily regulated by the Environmental Protection Authority and the Department of Mines & Petroleum.


Home Occupation/Cottage Industry

A Home Occupation is a business or activity carried on with the written permission of the Council within a house or the curtilage of a house by a person resident therein or within a domestic outbuilding by a person resident in the house. For further information click here.

A Cottage Industry is an industry which produces arts and crafts goods which cannot be carried out under the provisions relating to a home occupation. For further information click here.

An Application for Planning Consent is to be submitted prior to the operation of any Home Occupation/Cottage Industry.