Staff & Contacts

The Staff of the Shire of Waroona are available to assist with your Council-related enquiries, and offer a variety of services including answering rates and zoning questions and putting you in touch with other services available within the Shire.

For all enquiries, please contact the relevant officers on the numbers below.

Shire of Waroona Staff Contacts
Location / PositionNameContact

Administration Centre
Office Hours 9 am - 4 pm
Monday to Friday

  Ph: 9733 7800
Fax: 9733 1883
Chief Executive Officer Mr Ian Curley  
Executive Support Officer Mrs Sue Cicolari  
Deputy Chief Executive Officer / Director Corporate Services Mr Laurie Tilbrook  
Manager Financial Services Miss Ashleigh Nuttall  
Senior Finance Officer Mr Joe Dineley  
Senior Rates Officer Mrs Kirsty Ferraro  
Administration/ Records Officer Mrs Annette Mason  
Finance Officer Miss Kathy Simpson  
Customer Service Officer Miss Nicole Shore  
Director Development Services Mr Louis Fouche'  
Manager Development Services Mr Leonard Long  
Environmental Health Officer / Part Time Mrs Kerry Bowditch  
Senior Town Planner Mr Chris Dunlop  
Town Planner Mrs Lucy Lyster  
Town Planning Admin Officer / Part Time Ms Nikki Colgan  
Assistant/Student Town Planner Miss Sarah Park
Community Development Officer Mr Brad Vitale  
Coordinator Corporate Planning Mr John Crothers  
Director Technical Services Mr Patrick Steinbacher  
Manager Works & Services Mr Murry Bracknell  
Administration Assistant - Depot Miss Rikki Bellairs  
Environmental Technical Officer / Part Time Ms Mychelle Jeffery  
Recreation Centre Managers

Mr Doug Macaulay
Ms Bronwyn Cooke

Ph: 9733 2389
Fax: 9733 2752 
Ranger Services


Ph: 9733 7816 or 9531 7776 

Library Services Mrs Ronnell Capp, Mrs Pauline Bonner and Mrs Lissy Oliver Ph: 9733 7822
Land Care Ms Kim Wilson & Mrs Colleen Archibald Ph: 9733 2628
Mob: 0419 196 541
Waroona Tourist Centre Mrs Tracy Goldsworthy Ph: 9733 1506
Waroona Licensing Centre Mrs Kerry Shore & Ms Lorraine McIntosh

Ph: 9733 3021

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