Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund

The Shire of Waroona in partnership with Alcoa Wagerup Refinery offer two grant opportunities to assist community organisations:


(Up to $2,000)


The Alcoa Waroona Micro Grants Fund (WMGF) aims to assist community based organisations to build vibrant, inclusive and healthy communities.

The fund, a partnership between Alcoa of Australia and the Shire of Waroona supports groups to:

  1. Build and strengthen their organisational capacity or sustainability; or
  2. Deliver events, projects, programs or facilities that benefit Waroona communities or simply addresses a well evidenced need, effectively contributing to building a vibrant, inclusive and healthy community.


Projects must align with the Shire of Waroona 2030 Strategic Community Plan with funding applications meeting at least one of the following key priority areas:

  • Pursue a social environment that is accessible and inclusive to all ages and abilities
  • Grow and develop and an age-friendly community
  • Become a youth engaged and supportive community
  • Develop and facilitate events of a local and regional scale
  • Ensure the safety of the community
  • Connect the natural assets, waterways, parks and reserves to the community
  • Promote a mentally and physically healthy community
  • Support local community, sporting and recreational groups and initiatives
  • Foster and value our volunteers
  • Support and enhance health services in Waroona
  • Pursue actions to preserve areas and materials of historical significance throughout the Shire
  • Foster arts and culture throughout the Shire
  • Support, embrace and celebrate our local Aboriginal community

Applications will be invited twice per year with a maximum grant allocation of $2,000 per community group or organisation approved in any given financial year.  Further information is outlined in the Alcoa Waroona Micro Fund Fact Sheet.

 A copy of the Application form can be found here


(Over $10,000)


The Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund aims to assist community groups and/or organisations domiciled within the Shire of Waroona to deliver projects that make a positive contribution towards economic, social, recreational and environmental sustainability of communities based in the Shire of Waroona.


To be eligible, project applications must align with at least one of the following key priority areas:

To be eligible, project applications must align with at least one of the following key priority areas:

  • Capital Improvements
  • Public Space Enhancement
  • Durable Equipment
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Education and Training
  • Community Welfare
  • Other

There is no set opening or closing date for the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund with rounds opened at the management committee’s discretion.  It is expected that no individual application be less than $10,000 or exceed an amount of $50,000.

Projects requesting higher funding amounts should consider attaching planning documents to strengthen their application.  Further detail on the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund can be found in the grant guidelines.

To discuss your grant proposal, contact the Shire of Waroona on (08) 9733 7800 or email:



The Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund has approved funding to the following organisations:

  • Waroona Men's Shed - $20,000 towards the purchase and installation of a dust extractor.
  • Lake Clifton-Herron Residents Association - $32,692 towards the Historic Lake Clifton Lime Kiln Day Use Area Phase 2 - Walk Track.
  • Waroona Lions Club - Tractor Train Project - 50% of the cost of a tractor up to a maximum sum of $7,500.
  • Preston Beach Golf Club - $40,000 towards the Green Links 2 project.

A total of 7 applications were received.


The Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund (AWSF) has recently approved $310,000 in funding to 8 community organisations. A total of 24 applications were received for this 3rd round of AWSF funding.

Grants have been awarded to:

  • Waroona Bowling & Social Club – $30,000 towards improved lighting on the B green and new bar shutters;
  • Shire of Waroona – $40,000 towards new playground equipment at Centennial and other parks;
  • Waroona Community Men’s Shed – $20,000 towards installation of solar panels on their new shed;
  • Shire of Waroona – $50,000 towards developing a new youth precinct area in Waroona;
  • Waroona West Volunteer Bushfire Brigade – $50,000 towards site works for their new fire station;
  • Waroona Community Lights Committee – $30,000 towards more Christmas lights around town in 2019;
  • Quambie Park Inc. – $40,000 towards solar panels on their new residential units in Millar St;
  • Waroona Agricultural Society – $50,000 towards extensions of their clubrooms.

 The operation of the fund is managed by an advisory committee which comprises of 2 Shire Councillors, 2 Alcoa representatives and 2 members of the public.


The current management committee of the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund (AWSF) consists of members from - the Shire: Cr Mike Walmsley and Cr Naomi Purcell, Alcoa: Mrs Beth Butler and Mr Tom Busher, and the community: Mr Mike Leroy and Mr Ted Russell.

The current AWSF totals $1,761,294. A corner stone of the AWSF is to achieve long-term sustainable outcomes for the region surrounding the Wagerup Refinery with a focus on the towns between, and including, Waroona, Lake Clifton, Preston Beach, Nanga Brook, Wagerup and Hamel.

As part of the function of the committee it aims to identify important activities or projects that are being considered by local groups and organisation in the above areas.

In May 2018 local groups and organisations were invited to make a submission to the AWSF Committee outlining their potential projects or programs over the next 5 years which forms a basis for the Committee to understand the needs of the community and consider future funding rounds from the AWSF. 

Projects may be infrastructure based (eg new buildings or extensions, plant and equipment) or program based (eg ongoing commitment to deliver a specific service to a target group).

Submissions were categorised into:

a) projects in the $5,000- $100,000 range, and;
b) projects larger than $100,000.

A total of 26 submissions were received.  The AWSF Advisory Committee has recommended to Council that a 3rd Grant funding round open in March 2019 and close in May 2019.


The Shire of Waroona resolved at its Ordinary Council meeting in June 2017 as follows:

That the Council approves the total grant funds available for dispersal in the 2017 grant round be increased from $200,000 to $297,331.50, and approves the following funding applications :

Waroona Bowling & Social Club Inc $10,387
Quambie Park Waroona Inc (Generator)  $50,000
Preston Beach Progress Association
(For unspecified works on expanding current hall)
Waroona Community Men’s Shed $50,000
Waroona Visitor Centre $22,000
Waroona Community Lights      $21,687
Waroona Senior Citizens Welfare Committee $18,257.50
Waroona West Volunteer Fire Brigade $25,000

And that the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund Advisory committee recommends to Council that the following applications not be approved:

Quambie Park Waroona Inc (Social Inclusion Centre)   $50,000
Waroona Agricultural Society Inc                                    $2,650
Waroona Vintage Machinery Inc                                     $10,000

And that, in lieu of increasing the current round of funding, that the next funding round be held in 2019.


Several local groups are in the process of being notified that they are the successful recipients of $339,840 in grants from the Wagerup Sustainability Fund, a fund contributed to by Alcoa Australia and held by Perpetual. The local Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund Advisory Committee called for applications for funding and the following grants have been approved –

Waroona Lions Club $15840 towards the purchase of a mobile cool room; Preston Beach Volunteer Bushfire Brigade $20,000 towards CCTV for their new fire station; Quambie Park Waroona Inc $90,000 towards the refurbishment of 4 resident bedrooms and bathrooms; Waroona Men’s Shed Inc $90,000 towards the construction of a purpose built men’s shed and Waroona Health & Community Centre $124,000 towards an extension of the centre.

In 2014 the Advisory Committee distributed $325,000 in grants to local organisations.


In October 2013 the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund Committee was formed to oversee the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund (AWSF) and the Wagerup Sustainability Fund (WSF). The AWSF has a current balance of $881,000 and the WSF had a balance of $639,000 before grants were awarded.

In early 2014 the Committee announced the first grant funding round from the Wagerup Sustainability Fund. Prior to funds being allocated approval was required from The Trust Company, the company who administer the tax requirements of the fund.

The following grants have met with final approval and have been funded –

  • $4,160 to the Girl Guides Waroona for training and minor building improvements.
  • $13,900 to the Lake Clifton Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade for earthworks required for a new shed to house their fire truck.
  • $6,600 to the Waroona Community Resource Centre to undertake a feasibility study for proposed extensions to the current centre.
  • $15,000 to the Waroona Anglican Opportunity Shop for shop fittings for their new shop in Fouracre St.
  • $5,830 to the Waroona Men’s Shed to assist with their planning of a shed for Waroona.
  • $79,417 to Waroona Lions Club for extensions to the John Marchetti Shed and storage shed at the showgrounds.
  • $200,000 over 2 years, to Quambie Park Waroona to assist with the upgrading of residents rooms.