Hamel Nursery

Although a temporary nursery was established at Guilford in 1896, the Hamel nursery was the first permanent state nursery established in Western Australia in 1897.Hamel Nursery

The Hamel Nursery has been here for more than 100 years.

The prisoners built the Hamel Barracks and cook house, which was turned into the Hamel Hall in 1908.

Between 1925 and 1957 a total of 4.5 million trees, of different varieties were produced at Hamel Nursery.

Flowers from the Hamel Nursery were sent to Perth for the flower show, to decorate the Premier’s Office.

The trees from the Nursery were sent all over the state:

  1. street or verge planting
  2. school grounds
  3. railway stations
  4. cemeteries
  5. and gardens

The Hamel grounds are still owned by the State Government. There were up to 1,500,000 trees grown at the Hamel Nursery each year.Hamel Nursery

In 1917 the Nursery relocated west of the railway line. The reason for the move was because they could bring it closer to the Sampson Brook to avoid difficulties with pumping for irrigation.

Many of the trees and the other plants grown at Hamel, were planted in many well-known places throughout the state:

  • King’s Park (Perth)
  • Rottnest Island
  • Karrakatta
  • Fremantle Cemetery

In the first season of planting they raised 334,000 plants.

Some of the trees were provided to farmers for sheltering stock, pine seedlings raised at Hamel were sent to plantations in the south-west.

In 1966, there was an office built at the front of the nursery it was later used for storage.

Around 1903, the plantation was perhaps the oldest plantation in Western Australia (W.A).

Hamel Nursery’ Business relocated in late 2007 to Coolup.

Hamel NurseryHamel Nursery

Hamel Nursery

Photographs courtesy of D Ross