Local Laws

Under the Local Government Act 1995, Council has a number of Local Laws which cover areas of Council operations. Objectives of the local laws are as follows:


Control of dogs including impounding requirements, cost recovery, infringements and kennel establishment. Click here for full text.

Extractive Industries

Prohibits the carrying of an extractive industry unless by authority of a license issued by the Local Government, regulate the carrying on of an extract industry in order to minimise the damage to the environment, thoroughfares and other persons health and property, and provide for the restoration of any excavation site. Click here for full text.

Fencing And Floodlighting

The purpose of this law is to prohibit the erection of any dividing fence or boundary fence which is not sufficient in accordance with the local law.

In addition provision is also made for sight lines at vehicle crossings and details of materials to be used in fencing. Click here for full text.


Provides for fees and charges and regulations for constructions of memorials and conduct of funerals. Click here for full text.

Meeting Procedures

Relates to the conduct of Council and committee meetings and ensures that such meetings are conducted efficiently, while enhancing the decision making process of the Council. Click here for full text.

Local Government Property

To regulate the care, control and management of all property of the Local Government including buildings, reserves and foreshores, except thoroughfares. Click here for full text.

Activities On Thoroughfares And Trading In Public Places

Provides controls for selling of goods in streets and public places. This includes license requirements for hawkers, conduct fees and charges. Click here for full text.

Health Local Laws

The Shire of Waroona Health Local Laws have the purpose of providing current and effective local legislation for the administration and control of health standards and conditions within the Shire of Waroona under the provisions of the Health Act as amended.

Examples include: Regulating Food Premises, Sanitation, Waste, Nuisances, Pest Control, Infectious Disease, Offensive Trades, etc. Click here for full text.

Contact us on 9733 7800 or email warshire@waroona.wa.gov.au with queries relating to Local Laws relevant to your area of interest.

Fees and charges associated with the Shire of Waroona's Local Laws can be found in the Fees and Charges list.