Published on Friday, 7 August 2020 at 11:20:40 AM


With mental health concerns impacting one in five people in the community at any given time, Waroona Council voted unanimously at its July meeting to support a dedicated mental health reflection space to be located along the ‘Noisy Scrub Bird’ walk trail at Waroona Weir.

The concept for a dedicated space was proposed by Dusty Roads WA, a not-for-profit Mental Health focused organisation based on the main street of Waroona.

The organisation is passionate about helping people through their mental health journey offering a range of services from peer to peer support groups, coping workshops and emergency relief for those struggling financially.

Founding member of Dusty Roads WA, Bronwyn North said “the approved location of the reflection space is ideal being immersed in blue and green space, which have proven healing effects on mental wellbeing.

The space will include a bench overlooking the water, a native rockery garden and a small rural fence to hang messages of hope, encouragement and remembrance.”

Shire President Cr Mike Walmsley said that “Keeping mentally healthy is just as important as keeping physically healthy, particularly in rural communities such as Waroona where additional barriers are in place to accessing services and supports.

Unlike physical health which has visible indicators, mental health can often creep up on people with little to no sign”.

Dusty Roads WA with support from the Shire and wider community, will create the Mental Health Reflection Space as part of Mental Health Week (10-17 October) initiatives 2020.

The project aligns with Dusty Roads objectives to raise awareness and improve access to mental health programs and support for people living in rural and remote communities across WA.

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