Dates for Hard Waste Collection to be Determined

Published on Tuesday, 3 August 2021 at 3:09:42 PM

The Shire of Waroona wishes to advise residents that the hard waste collection will be undertaken later this calendar year. We have been working on a revised collection practice which will see the collection carried out by a contractor and streamlined with options to recover and recycle materials rather than landfilling.

Unfortunately, these changes in procedures mean that a collection date is yet to be determined. We hope to provide an update on the collection timeline by the end of August.

The Shire to apologises for any inconvenience however the changes will result in a smoother and quicker collection and improved material recovery. We will continue to post updates on the Shire website and social media with regards to the timing of the collection. In the meantime residents are advised to hold off on placing material on their verges until further notice. 

If you have any queries, please contact the Shire on 9733 7800.


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