Published on Monday, 16 November 2020 at 8:38:17 AM


Following significant public support, Council has endorsed a $1.1 million loan to build a ‘once in a generation’ project in the heart of the Waroona Townsite.

After Council sought feedback, 51 submissions were received all supporting the proposal to develop the major park.  This further supports the feedback from last years’ community workshops that the Waroona main street upgrade is the community’s highest priority.

The proposal is to demolish 95 South West Highway, opening this up to the recently purchased land at 30 and 34 Fouracre Street and incorporating the old scout hall land to create an open space for locals and tourists to enjoy.

Shire President Cr Mike Walmsley says that the project will change the face of the main street.

“Our community has been very vocal and very consistent in wanting an improved landscape, and I am very pleased to say that we have taken a very big step forward in meeting this need”.

The Waroona Town Centre Revitalisation Strategy is in its final stages and will be released for public comment shortly.  Also, the Master Plan for the Waroona Community Park will also be released concurrently.

“We are only a few weeks away from having both of these very exciting plans released, and we welcome people’s views”, Cr Walmsley said.

Apart from $660,000 being funded to purchase the land parcels, the Shire has allocated a further $450,000 which was matched via funding from the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund. 

“While we now have $900,000 for capital more is needed, so we will be applying to Lotterywest, requesting support from Murray-Wellington candidates and will be applying for federal funding under the soon to be announced Round 5 of the Building Better Regions Fund”.

“The provision of $450,000 from the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund towards the Intergenerational Space project for the Waroona Town Centre is the largest allocation ever made from the Fund. This is major initiative for the Shire of Waroona and the many community groups supporting it,” Wagerup Refinery Community Relations Manager, Tom Busher said.

“The grant made is intended to provide important seed capital to the project and support local community funding contribution requirements as the Shire seeks financial assistance from all levels of government towards such an important initiative for the future of Waroona.”

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