Plans Progress for Preston Beach Community Garden

Published on Thursday, 5 November 2020 at 9:56:32 AM


The Preston Beach community are one step closer to creating a community garden on Stables Road, with Council approving the project and proposed location at its October meeting.

A passionate group of Preston Beach growers have been working with Council for over a year now, establishing draft concept and management plans and identifying a suitable site for the garden. 

Widespread community consultation followed which attracted overwhelming support for the project progressing on the Stables Road reserve.

Picture:  Subject site outlined in yellow located on Stables Road in Preston Beach.

Shire President, Mike Walmsley said “it’s great to see such passion and enthusiasm from the Preston Beach community in support of this project. 

The Community Garden will create a new neighbourhood meeting place and will add to the social fabric of the town”.

Community gardens provide a range of benefits, with opportunities to learn new skills, meet your neighbours, access to fresh produce, physical and mental health benefits as well as improving the local environment. 

“The Shire of Waroona wish the garden group every success in seeking funding and creating a community space for all to enjoy.  We look forward to watching the project progress” Mr Walmsley said.


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