Thank a Volunteer Breakfast

Published on Monday, 6 December 2021 at 3:51:41 PM

 Thank a Volunteer Breakfast


VOLUNTEERS are people with extraordinary hearts. They offer the gift of their time to learn, to listen, to help, to inspire, to build, to grow and to teach. They expect no pay, yet the value of their work knows no limit. They have planted seeds of love in countless lives.


As a special thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, the annual Thank a Volunteer Day Breakfast was held on Saturday 5 December 2021. It was a fantastic turnout at both locations with events held at Waroona Football Club and Preston Beach Community Centre.


As a Shire, we are very lucky to have such wonderful community members who work tirelessly throughout the year to support the towns of Waroona, Preston Beach and Lake Clifton with little to no acknowledgment or recognition.  The Thank a Volunteer Day Breakfast is an opportunity to extend a big heartfelt thank you to our fantastic volunteers for all that they do.


Thank you to Shire Councillors and staff for your excellent cooking skills & hospitality at this year’s annual Thank a Volunteer Breakfast.




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