Local Planning Policies for Public Inspection
Local Planning Scheme No. 7

Notice is hereby given that the Shire of Waroona has resolved to advertise for public comment the following amendments to the Shire of Waroona Local Planning Policy Manual:

Policies proposed to be revoked:

Policies to be modified:

Copies of the Policies are available for inspection at Council’s office 52 Hesse Street, Waroona, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4pm or by clicking the links above.

Submissions on the Policy may be made in writing and should be lodged with the Shire on or before 30 April 2019.  Your written submission(s) should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Waroona, PO Box 20, Waroona WA 6215.

All submissions received will be considered by Council in its determination of the final adoption and revocation of the policies.

Ian Curley



Council has received a proposed structure plan for the above lot. Please visit the below link to view the full application.

Lot 524 Look Road, Waroona - Proposed Structure Plan

Prior to considering the plan, Council is required to seek comments on the proposal.  Comments can be submitted in writing, electronically, or by fax.  Should you wish to comment, please see the below details:

Written comments:                

Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Waroona
PO Box 20

Electronic comments:             warshire@waroona.wa.gov.au

Fax:                                         (08) 9733 1883

Submissions must be received prior to the close of business on 31 April 2019. Any comments will be taken into consideration by Council in determining the application; however, Council is not obliged to support the comments.

If you have any queries relating to the matter, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Department on 9733 7800.