Planning Approvals

Generally speaking, all development requires Planning Approval unless specifically exempted by Local Planning Scheme 7. If you plan to undertake development, you may need Planning Approval and will need to make an Application for Planning Consent. All applications are subject to fees.

Some simple development, especially sheds and Single Houses, is exempt from the need to obtain Planning Approval. Prior to undertaking any building work, it is likely that a Building Licence will need to be obtained (see Building Licences).

Extractive Industry

Prior to extracting sand, gravel, limestone or lime sand, an operator must obtain both planning approval and an extractive industry licence. Planning approvals are issued under Town Planning Scheme 7 and extractive industry licences under Council's Extractive Industry Local Law.

Mining of bauxite, minerals sands or other types of minerals is not regulated by Council. These types of operations are subject to the Mining Act and are primarily regulated by the State. 

Home Based Business 

A Home Based Business is a business or activity carried on with the written permission of the Council within a house or the curtilage of a house by a person resident therein or within a domestic outbuilding by a person resident in the house. Local Planning Policy 11 sets out the requirements for a Home Based Business. 

An Application for Planning Consent is to be submitted prior to the operation of any Home Based Business. For further information on the operation of a Home Based Business click here.  

Holiday Homes 

The use of a property as a short term rental or ‘Holiday Home’ requires the Planning Consent of the Shire. Local Planning Policy 26 sets out the requirements for a Holiday Home. For further information on the operation of a Holiday Home click here.  

Building Envelopes 

A building envelope is the designated area on a property where buildings are to be contained. These generally apply to rural residential areas within the Shire. The purpose of building envelopes is to cluster development, protect vegetation and other environmental features and address bushfire protection. 

Building envelopes are most commonly determined for properties when the land is originally subdivided. Most building envelopes are 2000m² in area. 

Building Envelopes can be modified through a Planning Approval issued by the Shire. Considerations in assessing applications for the relocation of Building Envelopes include the protection of vegetation and amenity, as well as bushfire protection. 

Fees and Charges 

All applications for Planning Consent are subject to fees. The fees applicable to each type of application can be found here.

Application Forms


Initial enquiries can be directed to the Planning Department at the Shire Administration Office on (08) 9733 7800

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