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Fire Prevention Work Due 30 November 2023

Fire Prevention Work Due 30 November 2023
A friendly reminder to owners and occupiers of land in the Shire that fire prevention work in accordance with the 2023/24 Firebreak Notice is required to be undertaken before 30 November 2023. The type of work required will depend on the size of your property.
A copy of the Firebreak Notice can be found via the link below.


Preparing yourself and your family

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Emergencies can happen at any time. They can be as large as a bushfire, flood or cyclone or as personal as a death in the family. But the better you prepare for them, the easier it is for you and your family to recover.

RediPlan is a free disaster preparedness guide that will get you prepared for any emergency in four simple steps. RediPlan helps you:

  • learn about the risks you face and how they might affect you
  • make an emergency survival kit to help you through a disaster
  • take action now to protect the important things in life
  • create your personal emergency plan to help you when disaster strikes.

If you haven't prepared and made a plan, an emergency could disrupt your life in ways you don't expect. Get prepared and you'll be more confident, more in control and more likely to cope when disaster strikes.

The shire works closely with not for profit organisations such as Red Cross to minimise the risk to community and to help you prepare yourself and family for emergencies.

How Fireproof is your plan?

My Bushfire Plan is an online bushfire preparedness tool:

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Evidence-based and built in WA.
  • Works on any computer and smart phone.

To find it:

1. Google search ‘My Bushfire Plan’

2. Go to

3. Visit the App Store or Google Play

Bushfire Management Plans

If your property has a bushfire management plan approved as part of a subdivision or planning application, there may be additional firebreak and fuel hazard reduction requirements.

Fuel Hazard Reduction

Hazard Reduction Burning and Permits

There are legal requirements for hazard reduction burning depending on the time of year and type of burning taking place. This may include the requirement to obtain a permit from your local Fire Control Officer, notify certain persons or to abide by specific conditions.  To find out the current burning period, please refer to the Burning Information section.

For information on the requirements of hazard reduction burning, garden refuse burning and who to contact for a permit please refer to the Shire's current Firebreak Notice.

You are required to notify your Neighbour when doing Hazard Reduction burning and to assist your please click on this form to let your neighbours know.

Form – Notification of Neighbours


Pets and Animal Emergency Kit and Plan (Cited from DFES)

An estimated 63% of households in Australia have at least one pet, one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world!'image description'

It is vital that you include your pets in your emergency plans.

Plan to leave early

  • Stay Informed! Evacuating with animals can take time, especially if you need to make multiple journeys with different animals.
  • Have your pet’s emergency kit and carrier ready to go. Make sure it includes a lead, medications and important documents.

Plan where you'll go

  • Emergency services can't help evacuate your pets or larger animals in emergency situations, and not all evacuation centres will accept them.
  • Your animals may need to go to different places - this could be with friends, family, boarding kennels or cattery’s.
  • Animals will require a constant source of water and food, shade and safe place to shelter.

Have a Plan B

  • Plan for what will happen if its unsafe to return home.
  • Speak to neighbours or nearby friends about what you would like them to do if you're not home (and offer them your support if they're away)
  • Include the following phone numbers in your emergency plan
    • Your veterinarian
    • RSPCA WA or other local animal welfare agencies
    • Help number for injured and trapped wildlife, ranger and animal rescue services
    • Neighbours, family or friends who may be of assistance

For More Information

Visit the DFES Pets and Animal Emergency Kit and Planning page     

Fire Danger Ratings, Total Fire Bans and Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) links below provide information on what the different fire danger ratings mean, as well as explaining total fire bans and harvest and vehicle movement bans. For further information please refer to the Shire's current Firebreak Notice.

DFES - Fire Danger Ratings Explained

DFES - Total Fire Bans Explained

DFES - Harvest Vehicle Movement Bans Explained

Alerts and Warnings

Department of Fire and Emergency Services along with Parks and Wildlife issue alerts and warnings to inform and keep the community safe during significant incidents threatening lives and property.

To see the current alerts and warnings check these links.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Alerts and Warnings

Department of Parks and Wildlife

Bushfire Alert Information

ABC How to Videos and Checklists

Please check out the ABC new website -  with enhanced functionality and with a focus on driving awareness during and in advance of an emergency.  Also below are How-to Videos sharing emergency preparedness tips for bushfire, cyclone and flood.