Railside Park

Situated along South Western Highway and stretching to Fouracre Street and the Waroona train station, Railside Park boasts a diverse range of features designed to cater to every age group. From the thrilling pump track and skatepark to the enchanting junior playground and fenced toddler play area, there's something for everyone in this 11,500sqm wonderland.


Immerse yourself in the Noongar six seasons garden and picnic area, embracing the rich cultural heritage of the region. Railside Park isn't just a park; it's a celebration of history, art, and nature, featuring the relocated Waroona War Memorial, a range of community-contributed artworks, railway-themed punched panels, and the Dethridge wheel water feature.


Railside Park isn't just a green space; it's a hub of activity and connectivity. With amenities such as shade, electric BBQ, benches, water fountain, and a toilet block, your visit is sure to be comfortable and enjoyable. The future holds even more excitement, with plans to repurpose existing buildings for event spaces.