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Lake Clifton Community Reserve Development Survey

The Shire has been developing a master plan for the Lake Clifton Community Reserve, and now we want your feedback.

Lake Clifton Community Reserve Master Plan

We invite your thoughts, ideas and preferences regarding the development of a multipurpose court, playground, exercise equipment, and BBQ facilities at the Lake Clifton Community Reserve, by completing a Community Survey.


Together, we can create a place where families, friends and neighbours can come together to enjoy nature, stay active and build lasting memories. Let's make Lake Clifton Community Reserve an even more extraordinary place to gather, play and thrive!

Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the future of this space.


The survey closes 8 July. The information will be submitted in a report to council for approval. After this, the Shire will then seek funding to make your ideas come to fruition.

You can complete this short survey by scanning the QR code:

or by clicking on the link below:

Lake Clifton Community Reserve Development Survey

You will then go in the prize draw to win one of two $100 vouchers!

If you would like a paper copy of the survey, you can pick one up from the Shire of Waroona office at 52 Hesse Street, Waroona. Or we can send you one! Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 9733 7800 if we can assist you.


Thank you for participating in the Lake Clifton Community Reserve Development Survey.


Local Planning Policy review

On 26 March 2024, Council resolved to:


Revoke the following Local Planning Policies (LPP) and Local Building Policies (LBP):

LPP 1 – Heritage;

LPP 8 – Waroona Hills East Development; and

LPP 9 – Bed and Breakfast;

LBP 1 – Building permts;

LBP 2 – Footings design; and

LBP 3 – Retaining walls.


These were revoked due to no longer being relevant, matters already being covered under planning and building regulations or other parts of the local planning framework.


Make significant amendments to:


LPP 2 – Signage.  The proposed significant changes are summarised below:

  • Inclusion of images to assist in understanding the types of signage referred to;
  • Inclusion of clear and updated objectives;
  • Exemption criteria, revised and contemporary development standards;
  • Emerging signage types that are becoming more widespread;
  • Placing a cap on the maximum number of third-party signage along the Forrest Highway–no additional signage supported;
  • Signs that are not permitted.


A copy of the proposed Policy can be found in the following link:

LPP2 - Signage (proposed)


LPP 7 – Short-term accommodation.  The proposed significant changes are summarised below:

  • Consolidate both the Holiday Houses Local Planning Policy and the Bed and Breakfast Local Planning Policy into one succinct policy.
  • Include the type of accommodation seen on popular websites like Airbnb and Stayz.
  • A requirement for a detailed holiday house management plan to ensure the land use does not impact neighbours and the amenity of the area.
  • Provisions relating to bushfire risk management to ensure guests are made aware of their surroundings and can leave the area safely and early.


A copy of the proposed Policy can be found in the following link:

LPP7 - Short-term accommodation (proposed)


Introduce a new LPP:


LPP 1 – Retaining walls.  A summary of the proposed policy is outlined below:

  • Is applicable to retaining walls in excess of 500mm in height.
  • Outlines design standards, consistent with State Government standards for subdivisions.
  • Seeks to ensure that retaining walls are designed and constructed to be fit for purpose, longevity and are appropriate for the locality.


A copy of the Policy can be found in the following link:

LPP1 - Retaining Walls (proposed)


The public is invited to review the proposed policies, LPP 1 Retaining walls, 2 Signage, or 7 Short-term accommodation and make a submission.  Should you wish to make a submission, you must lodge it in writing by one of the following means:


Post:             PO Box 20, Waroona WA 6215         

In person:    52 Hesse Street, Waroona



Submissions must be made by 14 May 2024.


Enquiries can be directed to Craig Zanotti, Coordinator Regulatory & Development Services on 9733 7800 or


Review of Shire of Local Planning Strategy & Local Planning Scheme No. 7

The Shire has undertaken a review of its Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme No. 7.  The findings and recommendations are contained within a report of review (link below).  In summary, the current Strategy and Scheme have reached their end of life and a new Strategy and Scheme should be prepared and adopted.

The Western Australian Planning Commission has advised that it agrees with the findings and recommendations of the report (link below).

The Shire will now begin developing a new Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme, which will guide and regulate land use and development over the next 15 year period. Opportunities for public consultation and input will be made available in the coming months.

The report of review and the Commission’s decision are also available at the Shire’s administration building for inspection.  Enquiries can be directed to Craig Zanotti, Coordinator Regulatory & Development Services by the following means:

Shire Report of Review

WAPC decision

Proposed mining exploration in the Darling Scarp


Hetherington Exploration & Mining Title Services has lodged an application with the State Government to undertake mining exploration activities in the Darling Scarp (Application Number E70/6523). The application area covers approximately 18,913 hectares and includes the local government areas of Murray, Boddington and Waroona. The application area includes:


  • Private properties;
  • State Forest, including Lane Poole Reserve Conservation Park, the Bibbulmun track and the Munda Biddi Trail;
  • Various camping spots including the Nanga Mill Campground, swimming areas and four wheel drive tracks;
  • Natural remnant landscapes;
  • Areas that host endangered flora and fauna; and
  • The Murray River and other waterways that feed the region right through to the Peel-Harvey estuary.


Further information is available at the Shire of Waroona Administration Office, 52 Hesse Street, Waroona. Alternatively, click the below link for a location map.




Should you wish to lodge a submission under Section 111A of the Mining Act 1978, you may contact the Minister for Mine’s office via:


Should you wish to lodge an objection under the Mining Act 1978, you will need to do so by 7 September 2023.


For any enquiries, please contact Craig Zanotti, Coordinator Regulatory & Development Services, on 9733 7800.



Mark Goodlet

Chief Executive Officer

Dog Act 1976

Shire of Waroona

Corporate & Governance Policy 26 (CGP026) Dog Prohibited Areas, Dog Exercise Areas and Rural Leashing Areas – approved for advertising. 

In accordance with section 31(3C) of the Dog Act 1976, notice is given that the above-mentioned policy was approved for advertising by Council at its ordinary meeting held on Tuesday 27 June 2023. 

The intention of this policy is to specify: 

  • Dog Prohibited Areas;
  • Dog Exercise areas; and
  • Rural Leashing Areas; 

within the Shire of Waroona in accordance with section 31(2B), (3A) and (3B) of the Dog Act 1976 and inform and educate the community relating to dog ownership responsibilities when exercising dogs. 

A copy of the proposed policy is available for inspection at the Shire’s Administration Office at 52 Hesse Street, Waroona, between 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, the policy can be viewed here.  

 Written submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Waroona, PO Box 20, Waroona WA 6215. Emailed submissions should be sent to

Submissions close 18 August 2023.




Local Planning Policy 17 – Vegetation

Council has resolved to initiate Local Planning Policy 17.  This Policy seeks to protect and enhance vegetation coverage in urban and rural areas with the intent on achieving a net gain.  The purpose of this Policy is to create a framework that provides a clear vision, approach and expectation for development and land use that may disturb or clear vegetation. 

In rural areas, there is an emphasis on protecting native vegetation and vegetation that enhances the landscape.  In urban areas, there is an emphasis on:

  • Requiring approval for the clearing of vegetation over a certain size;
  • Development providing trees;
  • The importance of the WA Peppermint (Agonis flexuosa) in Preston Beach - development should respond to the protection of the most mature examples.

You are invited to review the policy by clicking the link below and make a written submission. 

LPP 17 – Local Planning Policy – Vegetation

Submissions can be made via:

  • Email    
  • Post                PO Box 20, Waroona WA 6210
  • In person       52 Hesse Street, Waroona

Submissions close 15 August 2023.  For any enquiries, please contact Planning Services, on 9733 7800.