Walking Your Dog In A Public Place

Dogs must be kept on a leash in all public places except dog exercise areas.

However, in a dog exercise area the dog must be accompanied by a person who is capable of controlling the dog at all times. A leash is to be carried by the person for the purpose of controlling the dog if the need arises.

Dog exercise areas in the Shire of Waroona include:

Waroona Townsite

Waroona Town Oval ( Reserve No 8746, Lot 316)

Waroona Town Oval map

Kings Park ( Murray Loc 386, Waroona Lot 348 being Lot 60)

Kings Park map

Hill Street Recreational Ovals (Reserve No 37233, Loc 1733, Part of Lot 91)

Hill Street Recreational Ovals map

(On leash when sporting events are being held)


Hamel Town Park (Reserve No 27717)

Hamel Town Park map

Preston Beach

Panorama Drive Adjacent to the Water Tank (Reserve 33349)

Panorama Drive Adjacent map

Wandering Dogs

All dogs must be contained at their owners property unless restrained by a leash with a person capable of holding the leash at all times.

The Shire of Waroona is concerned by the incidence of dogs wandering at large. They can cause a nuisance or an accident on the road ways.

All wandering dogs can be liable for modified penalties.

Barking & Public Nuisance

Barking is a dog's natural means of communication and often signifies its alertness to danger of intruders.

However a dog which persistently barks in a manner which is not considered to be normally habitual in dogs, constitutes a nuisance.

Many dog owners become nonchalant to the fact their own dog is barking but it does disturb their neighbour. The Shire now have a procedure called the "Barkline Procedure". For more information contact the Ranger Services on 9531 7709 or visit the Waroona Shire Office.

Dog Attacks

If a dog attacks or chases any person or animal, whether or not any injury is caused, it can be classed as a dog attack.

Thousands of dog attacks are reported throughout the State every year. Some result in horrific injuries and trauma.

A dog attack is a very serious matter. If your dog attacks a person or other animal, you could be held responsible even if you were not there at the time.

There are very substantial penalties for a dog attack or inciting a dog attack.

If you need to make a complaint in regards to a dog attack please contact the Ranger Services on 9351 7709 or visit the Waroona Shire Office.

Lost & Found Dogs

If your dog has wandered off call the Ranger immediately and the details will be put onto a lost and found register. That way when the dog is located the Ranger can call the owner rather than have the dog unnecessarily impounded.

Alternatively if your dog wanders from home or is lost (without any ID) it may be collected by the Shire Ranger and taken to the pound.

If your dog is impounded you will have to pay to have it released.

The cost if your dog is impounded is:

Dog impounding fees
Impounding $150.00 - Unregistered Dog
$75.00 - Registered Dog
Sustenance $20 per day

All dogs must be registered before leaving the pound.


All dogs above the age of 3 months must be registered within the Council.

Dog registrations are not transferable between dogs, a new registration form must be filled out for each new dog.

Half price registration fees are applicable after June 1 each year but only for first registrations.

Dog Registration Fees
Category 1 Year 3 Years Lifetime
Unsterilised Dogs $50.00 $120.00 $250.00
Sterilised Dogs $20.00 $42.50 $100.00

Pensioners Rates discount 50%

Your current Pension Card must be produced each time a dog is registered or renewed eg. pension, disability pension, sole parent must be written on the card – a health benefit card is not sufficient.

Working Dogs Discount 75%

To register a Sterilised dog you need adequate proof of Sterilisation.

Proof includes sterilisation certificate or previous registration with another local government for sterilised rate or if none of the above a Statutory Declaration must be completed at time of registration.

Click here to download the Dog Registration