Grant Assistance

Assistance is available by contacting the Shire of Waroona on or 9733 7800.

The Shire of Waroona in partnership with Alcoa Wagerup Refinery offer two grant opportunities to assist community organisations:


(Up to $2,000)


The Alcoa Waroona Micro Grants Fund (WMGF) aims to assist community based organisations to build vibrant, inclusive and healthy communities.

The fund, a partnership between Alcoa of Australia and the Shire of Waroona supports groups to:

  1. Build and strengthen their organisational capacity or sustainability; or
  2. Deliver events, projects, programs or facilities that benefit Waroona communities or simply addresses a well evidenced need, effectively contributing to building a vibrant, inclusive and healthy community.


Projects must align with the Shire of Waroona 2030 Strategic Community Plan with funding applications meeting at least one of the following key priority areas:

  • Pursue a social environment that is accessible and inclusive to all ages and abilities
  • Grow and develop and an age-friendly community
  • Become a youth engaged and supportive community
  • Develop and facilitate events of a local and regional scale
  • Ensure the safety of the community
  • Connect the natural assets, waterways, parks and reserves to the community
  • Promote a mentally and physically healthy community
  • Support local community, sporting and recreational groups and initiatives
  • Foster and value our volunteers
  • Support and enhance health services in Waroona
  • Pursue actions to preserve areas and materials of historical significance throughout the Shire
  • Foster arts and culture throughout the Shire
  • Support, embrace and celebrate our local Aboriginal community

Applications will be invited twice per year with a maximum grant allocation of $2,000 per community group or organisation approved in any given financial year.  Further information is outlined in the Alcoa Waroona Micro Fund Fact Sheet.  


Please also find attached the Grant Acquittal form if required.


(Over $10,000)


The Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund aims to assist community groups and/or organisations domiciled within the Shire of Waroona to deliver projects that make a positive contribution towards economic, social, recreational and environmental sustainability of communities based in the Shire of Waroona.


To be eligible, project applications must align with at least one of the following key priority areas:

To be eligible, project applications must align with at least one of the following key priority areas:

  • Capital Improvements
  • Public Space Enhancement
  • Durable Equipment
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Education and Training
  • Community Welfare
  • Other

There is no set opening or closing date for the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund with rounds opened at the management committee’s discretion.  It is expected that no individual application be less than $10,000 or exceed an amount of $50,000.

Projects requesting higher funding amounts should consider attaching planning documents to strengthen their application.  Further detail on the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund can be found in the grant guidelines.

To discuss your grant proposal, contact the Shire of Waroona on (08) 9733 7800 or email:

Lotterywest Grants

Lotterywest grants support people with special needs, disadvantaged people in our community, and initiatives that contribute towards the quality of life for all Western Australians.

The funding is used for extending the capacity of Not-for-Profit Organisations, strengthening community service delivery, enhancing community initiatives, valuing our state's heritage, and advancing participation in community life.

Lotterywest has developed a Community Investment Framework to support their vision of ‘Building a better WA together’ and to strengthen the impact achieved with the grants supported by Lotterywest and Healthway.

Lotterywest supports local and community initiatives. They also work with communities and sectors that are developing solutions to help achieve a deeper, wider impact, or that will leave a lasting and significant community legacy.

For more information, visit