Executive Team


Mark Goodlet

Mark has overall responsibility to Council for the organisation as CEO.  He brings 12 years executive leadership experience to the role and oversees whole of organisation success.
Mark is self-motivated and naturally curious, as evidenced by a post-graduate Business Certificate, a Master of Project Management, a first class honours Civil Engineering Degree, backed by a Bachelor of Theology, to round out a humanities proclivity.

Mark is focussed on building a capable, customer oriented organisation that genuinely listens, professionally responds, and empowers the vision of the Shire of Waroona.

Mark has a career underpinned in civil engineering in both public and private sectors, with experience across design, procurement, construction and management. He has strong analytical and project deliver capabilities.  In the past 5 years Mark has broadened his work across all service sectors of local government to deliver the community programs and services.   


Ashleigh Nuttall

As an experienced professional in Local Government, Ashleigh brings over eighteen years of dedicated service, culminating in her current role as Director of Corporate & Community Services. With a foundation built on finance and administration, she has progressively advanced, demonstrating strategic vision, proactive leadership, and a commitment to fostering positive relationships both within the organisation and with external stakeholders.

 In her current capacity, she is entrusted with providing leadership across corporate and community functions, ensuring compliance with regulations, and overseeing the preparation of financial reports and budgets. She takes pride in driving continuous improvement initiatives, implementing strategic plans aligned with organisational goals, and fostering community engagement and development. Through effective management and collaboration, she strives to enhance the quality of services offered while upholding the values of transparency, integrity, and excellence. As Director of Corporate & Community Services, she is dedicated to steering the community towards a prosperous and inclusive future, where the needs of community members are addressed and opportunities for personal and collective development thrive.


Karen Oborn

Karen is responsible for Infrastructure, Works and Services, Waste Management, Safety Services, Planning and Regulatory Services.

She has extensive sector wide experience, gained working across all service sectors of local government.

Karen is also committed to lifelong learning and professional development.

She holds post-graduate qualifications in Environmental Management and Adult Education, as well as a first class honours Social Science Degree.

Karen is passionate about local government, community, and sustainable development.