Waroona QR Code Project  

The Shire of Waroona has a number of significant buildings and places of interest that have been part of the community’s history since settlement in 1893. People are familiar with the Waroona Agricultural Show but not many are aware that the Show grounds have been enjoyed by the community since the 1920’s.  In 2012 St Joseph’s Primary School were keen to ensure the history of the places and spaces in their community be shared by everyone and hence began the QR Project.

QR codes situated at historical sites are useful in that it can provide travellers with detailed information of the significance of the experience without additional resources. People with iPhones and a free QR code reader application have everything they need. In light of this the students of St Josephs enlisted the help of groups and individuals in the community, including the Waroona Historical Society for accuracy of the historical information, the Shire of Waroona for logistical and technical support and placement of QR codes and Alcoa Wagerup for financial assistance.  Students in Year Seven collected the historical information through research and interviews on local sites of their choice and a competition was held to determine the most suitable stories for the project.

The historical information is now available with just a scan of the iphone at QR codes located around the Shire or on the Shire of Waroona’s website. It is hoped more information can be added to continue the living history of the town.

QR Codes:

Drakesbrook Bed & Breakfast

Drakesbrook Road Board

Drakesbrook School

Fettler's Cottage

Hamel Hall

Hamel Nursery

Hamel Townsite

Hamel Wetlands

Heritage Poles

Lake Clifton

Memorial Hall and Drakesbrook Place

North Drakesbrook School

Preston Beach

St Patricks Church

The Nestle Factory

Waroona Dam

Waroona Oval

Waroona Sofa

Waroona Weir

Competition Winners

  • Caitlyn Black and Matthew Della Franca
  • Owen Grantham
  • Taylor Martelli
  • Paige Bembridge
  • Asha Commisso
  • Jacinta DeRosa
  • Courtney Rae
  •  Holly Snell
  • Liam Garavanta-Hodkinson
  • Jarrod Mitchell
  • Harrison Hull
  • Jemma Bruning
  • Liam Hannah
  • Kyle Martelli
  • Jack Dwyer
  • Montana Look
  • Liam Fairnington and Lauchlan Hull
  • Zac Elliot