By Liam Fairnington

Waroona Dam1

The Waroona Dam was built on the Drakes Brook with work completed in 1966. The reservoir known as Lake Navarino covers an area of 145 hectares with its primary use being irrigation. It is also used extensively for recreational activities such as water skiing and freshwater fishing. The surrounding forest provides beautiful displays of wildflowers in season. Bush walking is a popular pastime for many visitors and part of the old Bibbulmun Track is still in existence and has been reopened for public use as part of the Munda Biddi Trail.

To accommodate the building of the Waroona Dam, a construction camp was built nearby to the Dam site. After the construction was completed in 1966, the camp was leased to the Shire of Waroona and turned into a caravan park. In the mid 1980's, responsibility for the caravan park was handed to the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) who have since leased the caravan park to private enterprise.

In 1992, the name was changed to Lake Navarino Forest Resort, after the historical name of the main water supply for the Waroona Dam, Navarino Stream. The name of the stream has since been changed to Drakes Brook?

In 2002/03 the reservoir was completely drained for a major upgrade to the dam wall and a new spillway, good rains in 2004/05 refilled the reservoir to its highest level since 1999 of 98% capacity.

Over the years, Lake Navarino Forest Resort has modernized and developed to include more self-contained accommodation, powered camping/caravan sites, new ablutions, launderette, shop/kiosk and a licensed restaurant. In 1996 the Waroona dam was completed.

Water skiers flock to Waroona Dam just a few kilometres east of the township of Waroona. 
The reservoir is popular for water skiing and power boating. Most weekends Waroona Dam is busy with power boats and water skiers gliding along the glassy water.

The fishing is also well rated – throw in a line and you’re likely to catch a trout or perch, while marron is also common.

During late winter Waroona Dam often overflows creating an amazing spectacle. There are great facilities at Waroona Dam including picnic tables, barbecues and toilets. 
A caravan park and camping ground is also available.
Waroona is just over an hour’s drive south east of Perth.

Waroona Dam2

By Lauchlan Hull

The building of Waroona Dam [Lake Navarino] commenced in the November of 1963. It cost 1.3 million dollars to build. The Dam is based 8.5 kilometres away from the town site of Waroona. Lake Navarino is a great place for wake boarding, water skiing, fishing, swimming and four wheel driving. It also has a couple picnic places to go and have lunch with your family or friends.

Originally the Waroona dam held 3,290 gallons of water. In a case of the dam over flowing there is a concrete spill way on the side of the dam wall. The Waroona Dam is built off the same running stream as the Waroona Weir.

There is a resort within only hundreds of meters of the dam called Lake Navarino Forest Resort which does lots of activities involving the dam e.g. : Kayaking, water sports, bush walks and many other fun activities.

Even though Waroona Dam is closer to the town site of Waroona the water supply for Waroona is piped from Sampson Brook Dam and Waroona Dam is used for irrigation and skiing.

There is no proper boat ramp it is just dug out of the bank. If you own a ski boat, wake boat or a Jet Ski and you love getting wet than bring your boat or jet Ski and your family down for a weekend of camping and fun.