Local Planning Strategy

In August 2009, the Western Australia Planning Commission gave final approval to the Shire's Local Planning Strategy. The Strategy is a broad land use for the future of the entire local authority area. It will form the basis for decisions in the future about a range of land use matters.

The Local Planning Strategy is divided into three sections:

  1. Strategy Context – provides the planning, physical and socio-economic background.
  2. The Strategy – outlines the Shire’s direction with respect to residential, rural, commercial, industrial and other land uses.
  3. Strategy Precincts – distills the key strategy considerations for each ‘precinct’ in the Shire. The six precincts are: Coastal; Lake Clifton; Agricultural; Industrial; Town; and Scarp and Darling Range.

Enquiries in relation to the Strategy can be directed to Council’s Town Planning Department  on 9733 7800 or email to warshire@waroona.wa.gov.au

The Local Planning Strategy can be downloading on the following links:

Section 1 – Strategy Context - Click Here

Section 2 – The Strategy - Click Here

Section 3 Strategy Precincts - Click Here

Strategy Maps only - Click Here

Map of the Precinct boundaries - Click Here

Coastal Precinct - Click Here

Lake Clifton Precinct - Click Here

Agricultural Precinct - Click Here

Industrial Precinct - Click Here

Town Precinct - Click Here

Scarp & Darling Range Precinct - Click Here

Whole document (WARNING: WHOLE DOCUMENT IS 6MB) Click Here