The Shire’s Planning Strategy and Scheme have come to the end of its life and are due for an update.  The Planning Strategy paints a vision for future land use and development, meanwhile the Planning Scheme sets out the controls to achieve this and forms the basis of planning decisions.


For example, a Planning Strategy covers things like:

  • Placing a value on agricultural land, nature and our rural and urban areas;
  • The importance of building design in industrial and urban areas;
  • How we want our areas to feel, look like and grow - or stay the same; and
  • Where new industrial, commercial and urban areas should or shouldn't go.


A Planning Scheme covers things like:

  • Protections for agricultural land, nature and rural and urban areas;
  • Building design standards for industrial, commercial and urban areas;
  • Lot sizes for industrial, commercial and urban properties;
  • Landscaping requirements - the need for street trees, protection of vegetation on public and private property; and
  • Where land uses should or shouldn’t go.


We have a few ideas on what this new framework should cover and we would like to get your feedback. We would also like to get your input into things we might not have considered.


You can provide feedback by clicking on the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5QWZ6K6


Please feel free to share this survey between family and friends, noting that it concludes on 5 June 2023.  This is an initial community consultation survey, seeking some high-level feedback. There will be other opportunities to have your say in the coming months.