As identified in the Shire of Waroona Economic Development Strategy 2015 - 2025, the main economic drivers for the Shire of Waroona are:

  • Mining and alumina refining;
  • Agriculture;
  • Engineering;
  • Tourism;
  • Small business; and
  • Other (including aged care and retail).

The Shire liaises with a number of organisations in relation to local businesses, and has developed a business support network, from local level through to federal level. This network is presented as the flowchart below:

Waroona Business Support Group

Waroona Business Support Group is a subcommittee of the Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. “standing together as the voice for all”.

The Waroona Business Support Group consists of nine committee members from eight different local businesses across the shire of Waroona. The Waroona Business Support Group Committee consists of the following local business leaders:

Role Name Organization
Chair Person Bronwyn Chompff-Gliddon Evertrue Solutions
Secretary Trisha Worthington Drakesbrook Wines
Committee Bernie Worthington Drakesbrook Wines
Linda Elliott Lake Navarino Holiday Park
Craig Elliott Lake Navarino Holiday Park
Jo Stevens 11 Mile Distillery
Annette Kent Magic Barn Fairy Garden
Brian Kent Magic Barn Fairy Garden
Tracy Goldsworthy Waroona Visitor Centre

For more information, please contact Waroona Business Support Group at

Peel Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Acknowledged as Australia’s most rapidly developing region, the Peel region’s diverse economy continues to experience substantial growth. As the largest organisation representing businesses in the Peel region, the Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s role is to influence and inspire business vitality in the region.  PCCI strives to positively influence the environment in which businesses operate by providing a range of business support services.

Established in the Peel Region in 1960, the Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry understands the needs of Peel businesses and is the established voice of business on a range of issues. Their core mission is to provide fair and active representation of all members with commitment, honesty and ethics. They achieve this by supporting businesses and professional organisations, providing a range of support services, promoting members and lobbying on behalf of business interests.

The Chamber's network extends across the Peel Region to encompass organisations establishing contacts in a region that is taking initiatives in tourism and business. The Chamber actively promotes the interests of its members across business and the community. Business, government and professional organisations know that working with a proactive Chamber and its network of members brings a range of positive outcomes for their activities in the Peel Region.

In the fight for a better business environment, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry does collectively for business what individual businesses cannot achieve alone. Membership of the Peel Chamber of Commerce & Industry is an investment in good business.

The Peel Chamber of Commerce & Industry has six major responsibilities to members:

  • Promote the Chamber as the key representative of the Peel Business Community.

  • Provide a comprehensive business information and resource service to Chamber members.

  • Understand the needs & wants of our members.

  • Lobby the interests of our members to government (at all levels) and other relevant groups / parties.

  • Foster networking opportunities that enable members to share ideas and build on their contact base.

  • Provide relevant training & skills development opportunities for our members.

For more information on the Peel Chamber of Commerce & Industry, please visit their website or Facebook

Small Business Development Corporation

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) is an independent statutory authority, established in 1984 under the Small Business Development Corporation Act 1983.

VISION: A strong and enterprising small business sector in Western Australia.

MISSION: To deliver and facilitate relevant, practical support to small businesses and to foster the development of policy conducive to the growth of a thriving sector.

The primary role is to encourage, promote, facilitate and assist the establishment, growth and development of small business in Western Australia. SBDC provides a range of services to the small business sector including:

  • Business skills workshops.
  • Business licence finder database to identify the required licences, registrations and codes of practice required for your business.
  • Advisory services to provide guidance and advice on a range of small business matters.
  • Commercial tenancy advisory service to provide guidance and information regarding commercial lease agreements.
  • A low-cost alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service to assist with resolving business-to-business and business-to-government disputes.
  • Policy, advocacy and advice to government.
  • Business migration.

They also have an outreach service, Business Local that provides assistance to small businesses located throughout Western Australia.

For more information on the Small Business Development Corporation, please visit their website

Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources

Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources vision is to enable growth and productivity for globally competitive industries. To help realise this vision, the Department has four key objectives:

  • supporting science and commercialisation;
  • growing business investment and improving business capability;
  • streamlining regulation; and
  • building a high performance organisation.

AusIndustry – Business Services is part of the federal Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources. AusIndustry connects Australian businesses with information and advice to help them innovate, grow and be competitive. Businesses of all sizes can find information, services and links to government programmes:

For more information on the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science, please visit their website