The Shire of Waroona is served by the President, and Deputy President, along with five other Elected Councillors who represent the interests of the whole Shire (there now being no designated Wards). The Councillors represent a diverse range of interests and provide a resource of community and business knowledge. Correspondence to individual Councillors should be addressed with their name and sent to PO Box 20, Waroona, WA, 6215.

Cr Mike Walmsley - Shire President 

Tel: 0419 946 426
Current Term

I have been fortunate enough to have lived in Waroona since my birth. Having been born to farming parents that were strong community servers,I was educated here and have been involved in agriculture, transport and have ownership of a retail business in town. I have been lucky enough to have been supported in my endeavours by a very caring wife and four great kids. I have always enjoyed giving to a community that has a great heart and some special people that helped mentor me into believing giving back to your home is the right thing to do. Our shire is well situated in our state as a place to live and work and enjoy raising a family. I hope that I can help bring all the good aspects of the Waroona shire into a sustainable, well planned and progressive home and business area for our residents.


Cr Naomi Purcell - Deputy Shire President 

Tel: 0418 936 952
Current Term
2021 - 2025

I love living in Waroona and have done so, with my husband and two children, for the past 16 years. I continue to be involved in our wonderful community and am currently President of the Waroona Amateur Swimming Club and also the Just Cruizin Car Club which holds the annual All Australian Car Day in Waroona.
I have a passion for community and enjoy actively contributing to it so that Waroona Shire can continue to grow stronger as a place for people to live, work and visit. To encourage tourism growth throughout the Shire would continue to be a focus of mine as more West Australians are experiencing what is good in our beautiful state. I am excited about the current town centre initiatives and also want to help work towards purposeful and positive opportunities for our youth.

Cr Charlie Clarke 

Tel: 0422 258 438
Current Term 
2023 - 2027

I have lived in the region for over 34 years, with the last 6 years living in Preston Beach. I've raised my family in this region.

I have retired after working for over 44 years, as a result I am keen to be involved in Local Government.

Volunteering has always been important to me, being involved with the Preston Beach Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, the Preston Beach Volunteer Beach Rangers and Foodbank. This has enabled me to meet amazing like-minded individuals and ensuring our community remains vibrant.

Our region has many fantastic opportunities to grow in the coming years including tourism opportunities that showcases our beautiful landscapes. Improving facilities that encourage and assist job growth and local business is a priority.

I am running for council to give our community a voice in how we can make the most of these opportunities. Getting our fair share of funding from governments which will assist local businesses and grow our community together while maintaining the spirit of the region.  

Cr John Mason

Tel: 0407 546 009
Current Term 
2023 - 2027

My name is John Mason, I have been a resident of Waroona for 40 years.

For the last 12 years I have served on Council. My focus is community, family, health and safety. I have the desire and energy to continue serving the electorate.

With the aid of the experience gained from this period I fell I have much to offer in the ever-changing landscape of Local Government.

I look forward to your support so I can continue to diligently serve the people of the Waroona Shire.

Cr Karen Odorisio

Tel: 0439 993 055
Current Term
2023 - 2027

I have lived in Waroona since 1980. I am married with 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

I was elected to council 4 years ago and I am standing for re-election. I believe in sound economic development, support for small business and strategic planning to support growth and continuing development that showcases our localities' attractions from the "Sea to the Scarp".

I am excited about the Community Precinct project and see this as a major driver for further town centre re-vitalisation going forward in a well planned and sustainable way. 

I would like the opportunity once again to represent the community. I believe serving on Council is a privilege that I value.

Cr Dion Pisconeri


Tel: 0422 080 800
Current Term
2021 - 2025

I was born and raised in Waroona and am now raising my own family here. I started my working career locally by completing an automotive electrical apprenticeship, which led to working for a number of different local companies including running my own business. My family and I have been heavily involved in the basketball club for many years, and I enjoy the interaction with community members of all ages. Having a young family, I am keen to become more involved in Waroona's future projects, whether it's creating a more vibrant town centre, creating business opportunities, improving tourism or most importantly combining all these fundamental projects to bring more people to the area.

Cr Larry Scott 

Tel: 0411 775 251
Current Term
2023 - 2025

I have been a resident of Waroona for forty-five years, with my wife.

I am an occupation pharmacist and previous owner of the Waroona Pharmacy for thirty years and now currently working part time at this business.

My history in Waroona includes -

Previous shire councillor over fourteen years including two terms as Deputy Shire President.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for twenty years.

Waroona Lions Club member forty five years and Life Member.

Patron Waroona Cricket Club.

Major sponsor Waroona Football Club.

Waroona Golf Club forty five years and Life Member.

There are no hidden agendas here. My interest is to assist development and advancement of the town and the shire whilst retaining the current small-town atmosphere.

I think my previous fourteen years served on council and membership of the Lions Club over forty five years is testament to my dedication and willingness to assist and help wherever possible. 

Larry Scott

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