Municipal Heritage Inventory

A Local Government Heritage Inventory is a heritage survey of the local area outlining an account of a local government’s history and providing the base information necessary to prepare heritage based policies and the Local Planning Scheme Heritage List.

The Inventory comprehensively identifies the places and areas of cultural heritage significance in the Shire, including geographic coverage of all the Shire’s towns, suburbs or other areas and coverage of all place types (e.g. public and private buildings; residential and commercial places).

Municipal Heritage Inventory

Local Planning Scheme No. 1 Heritage List

Places entered in a Local Government Inventory do not have statutory protection unless they are included in a separate Heritage List which is linked to the Local Planning Scheme, or are entered in the State Register of Heritage Places. Heritage Lists must be compiled with regard to the Municipal Inventory, but do not necessarily include all places in the Inventory.

Local Planning Policy 1 includes a heritage list which includes some 13 places. The Scheme provides a presumption in favour of retaining and enhancing the heritage values of places included on the list.

Local Planning Policy 1 - Heritage

Heritage Council of WA State Heritage Register

The state register of heritage places is a list of places that have heritage value and importance to Western Australia. The register is maintained by the Heritage Council of WA. Entry in the State Register recognises the significance of the place and helps ensure that it is conserved into the future by requiring Heritage Council approval before any changes are made to the place and by being eligible for financial and professional assistance to maintain and enhance the heritage values.

Information about places entered in the State Register is available from the Heritage Council of WA Website.