The Nestle Factory1The Nestle Factory

By Harrison Hull

The Nestle Factory was opened in 1932 and was producing condensed milk from fresh milk purchased from dairy farmers around the district. At this time there were 30 to 40 dairy farms in the Hamel and Cookernup areas. The factory is on 15 hectares and that is about 25 acres. The factory is located on the corner of McLarty and Fouracre Street.

In 1949 the number of milk suppliers rose to 120 and in 1950, milk from these suppliers, plus surplus milk from Wagerup and Brunswick milk depots saw a rise in flush months to nearly 16,000 gallons (60,566 litres), a day maximum. In the processed form this represented 64,000 pounds (29,029 kilograms) of sweetened condensed milk. In September 1935 the The Nestle Factory2Nestle factory was receiving milk from 653 milk dairy cows and in September 1936 it was receiving milk from 951 cows - that is almost a 50% increase. The Nestlé’s factory in Waroona was donating a trophy cup to a local producer with the best three dairy cows and also three cows and one bull of any breed.

The Nestle factory closed in 1966 and it was sold to Peters Creameries. Not long after the land was put up for sale and Charles Hull Contracting purchased the site and used it as their main base for some time prior to moving to their present site. In 1983 the demolition of the smoke stack (chimney) took place.

The Nestle factory was actually built in Waroona, Western Australia and the condensed milk was imported all over the world and there are still some Nestle factory cans that have the label on the front saying Made in Waroona, Western Australia, but they are very rare.

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