Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Policies are prepared and adopted by Council, following community consultation, using the procedures set out in Part 2 of Schedule 2 to the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

They are intended to be used to guide Council’s discretion when making decisions on planning proposals.

Council is required to consider each application on its individual merit, having regard for a broad range of planning considerations, including any relevant Local Planning Policy.

Local Planning Policies do not bind Council in respect of any application for planning approval. Council is however required to have due regard to the provision of Local Planning Policies and the objectives which the policy is designed to achieve before making its decision.


LPP1 – Community Consultation

LPP3 – Parking of Commercial Vehicles in Residential Zones

LPP4 – Heritage

LPP5 – Setbacks and Building Envelopes

LPP6 – Advertising Signage

LPP7 – Ancillary Accommodation

LPP8 – Moyanup Heights

LPP10 – Fencing

LPP11 – Home Based Business

LPP12 – Brooklyn Rise Special Residential Zone Building Standards

LPP13 – Intensive Agriculture

LPP14 – Industrial/Commercial Land Use & Development

LPP15 – Extractive Industry

LPP16 – Geographic Names

LPP18 – Sea Containers

LPP22 – Water Sensitive Urban Design

LPP23 – Landscaping

LPP25 – Outbuildings

LPP26 – Holiday Homes

LPP27 – Waroona East Hills Development

LPP28 – Bed and Breakfast Accommodation