Grant Assistance

Community Development Officer Kelly Nottle is able to assist all community organisations in seeking grant funding that may be available. Please contact Kelly on 9733 7800 or


Congratulations to a number of local community organisations who have been successful in applying for the Department of Social Services Volunteer Grants. The grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 will be used by organisations to assist with the cost of much needed equipment, training and transport, to allow their volunteers to continue supporting the community.

The successful organisations are as follows:

Lions Club of Waroona $5,000
Waroona Amateur Swimming Club $3,915
Waroona Junior Netball Association $1,978
Waroona Playgroup $5,000
Waroona Senior Citizens Welfare Committee $5,000
Waroona Youth Advisory Council $5,000

Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund

Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund 2019 Grants Awarded

The Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund (AWSF) has recently approved $310,000 in funding to 8 community organisations. A total of 24 applications were received for this 3rd round of AWSF funding.

Grants have been awarded to:

  • Waroona Bowling & Social Club – $30,000 towards improved lighting on the B green and new bar shutters;
  • Shire of Waroona – $40,000 towards new playground equipment at Centennial and other parks;
  • Waroona Community Men’s Shed – $20,000 towards installation of solar panels on their new shed;
  • Shire of Waroona – $50,000 towards developing a new youth precinct area in Waroona;
  • Waroona West Volunteer Bushfire Brigade – $50,000 towards site works for their new fire station;
  • Waroona Community Lights Committee – $30,000 towards more Christmas lights around town in 2019;
  • Quambie Park Inc. – $40,000 towards solar panels on their new residential units in Millar St;
  • Waroona Agricultural Society – $50,000 towards extensions of their clubrooms.

The operation of the fund is managed by an advisory committee which comprises of 2 Shire Councillors, 2 Alcoa representatives and 2 members of the public.

Royalties for Regions Projects

Royalties For Regions – Peel Community Chest Fund 2016 – Emergency Management Generator

Royalties for Regions 2016

The Emergency Management Generator project has now been completed with funding received from the Government of Western Australia, Royalties for Regions Funding (Dept Regional and Development) and Peel Development Commission in Partnership with the Shire of Waroona.

The aim of the project was to purchase a generator with suitable capacity to power the entire Shire Office Administration Centre whilst acting as an Emergency Management Facility. The Shire of Waroona Administration building has been utilised a number of times in the past as an Incident Control Centre (ICC) during times of emergencies. At this time it is crucial that all the services that are available from the Shire have the capacity to continue running especially when power services are low or non-existent to enable support to the Incident Support Group (ISG).

During times of crisis emergency management personnel, volunteers and Council staff constantly need access to the Shire’s electronic data base and other historical information, have the ability to reproduce up-to-date information for members on the ground, constantly update residents with reliable information and have the ability to provide a fully powered, safe and functional venue to assist members.

Not only would this provide assistance during emergencies within the Shire of Waroona but also allow provisions for assistance to other neighbouring and Peel region Council’s during times of emergency.

Royalties for Regions - Peel Community Chest Fund 2016

2011/2012 Regional Group Project - Country Local Government Fund

royalties for regions

The Safe Coronation Road Connection project has now been completed with funding received from the Government of Western Australia, Royalties for Regions Funding (Dept Regional and Development) in Partnership with the Shire of Waroona.

The project’s aim was to improve the safety of road travel across the main route bisecting the Shire that connects the southern coastal area of the Peel region to the Darling Range. Coronation Road is the only sealed two-lane road that links the inland town of Waroona to the coastal localities of Preston Beach and Lake Clifton and is also a main connection link from Waroona to the Forrest Highway. The Coronation road bridge (Bridge No. 3985) was a narrow bridge located on a hazardous bend. The upgrade of the connection was identified as a regional and local priority for safety, economic and amenity purposes. It is of increasing significance as a service, industry and tourism link that will benefit regional development.

The project’s aim was to upgrade the bridge to a full two land bridge so that safe movement of private, commercial and heavy traffic will encourage use of Coronation Road for community benefit and economic growth.







The completed project saw the replacement of an aging narrow bridge with a modern concrete culvert structure.  The new structure is wider than the bridge it replaces and has been designed and constructed to permit more than adequate road width and road geometry which were the two main issues to be addressed.  

The new structure and associated road upgrade removes the hazard that the old bridge presented allowing traffic to traverse the location with a greatly reduced risk of conflict, lane correct, and with no reduction in speed.  Additionally, the installation of guardrails has reduced the risk involved with traffic leaving the carriageway and entering the waterway. 

All traffic, regardless of vehicle class, can now traverse the location safely and the new structure removes the limitations with regards to heavy and oversize traffic that the old bridge presented, which increases potential for industry and for traffic flow in general. 

2012/2013 Country Local Government Fund

The Hesse Street Redevelopment has now been completed with funding from the 2012-13 Country Local Government Fund (CLGF), Partnership with Royalties for Regions (Dept Regional Development) and Shire of Waroona.

Lotterywest Grants

Lotterywest grants support people with special needs, disadvantaged people in our community, and initiatives that contribute towards the quality of life for all Western Australians.

The funding is used for extending the capacity of Not-for-Profit Organisations, strengthening community service delivery, enhancing community initiatives, valuing our state's heritage, and advancing participation in community life.

Grant Types

  • ANZAC Centenary
  • Big Ideas
  • Community Events
  • Community Spaces Outdoor
  • Emergency Relief
  • Furniture and Equipment
  • Heritage and Conservation
  • Information Technology and Web
  • Organisational Development
  • Projects
  • Research
  • Trails
  • Vehicles
  • Community and Workplace Buildings

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Other Grant Opportunities

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