Task Force 

Reinvigorating and improving the amenity of the Waroona Town Centre main street is a priority for the Shire and a Task Force is being established to guide this. 

A Task Force is a special committee of experts, formed expressly for the purpose of studying a particular problem. The Task Force performs an audit to assess the current situation, then draws up a list of the issues and evaluates which merit action and can be resolved. The Task Force then formulates solutions to the issues and identifies the best solution to each problem, as determined by a set of standards. The Task Force will present its findings and proposed solutions to Council for consideration.

Terms of Reference

Responsibilities of the Waroona Town Centre Development Task Force:

  • To audit the 2003 Waroona Town Centre Strategy
  • To provide input, through the consultant, into the redevelopment strategy, including
  • ideas, concepts, projects and initiatives, not necessarily limited to infrastructure
  • To strategically review the ideas, concepts, projects and initiatives
  • To act as a liaison with relevant persons or groups that can add value to the
  • development process
  • To work with the Task Force and present a draft Strategy for public consultation
  • Review public consultation and then, through the consultant, present a final draft to
  • Council for consideration.

Phase 1 

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Phase 1 engagement activities for the 2030 Plan, which included coffee conversations, workshops, surveys and submissions. The consultation has been completed and the feedback is being collated and analysed in preparation of a Draft Plan. The Draft Plan will be presented to the community for comment in mid-2020 as part of Phase 2, before being presented to Council for consideration.

A Community Workshop Report has been prepared for the five community workshops held in November and December 2019 and supports the Draft Plan. The Report provides an insight to the different needs of each district and shows how community participation helps to shape the result. Approximately 1,000 ideas were contributed, so download the Community Workshop Report and see the 10 common themes as well as what's important to your community.

We’ll keep you updated with more details about the release of the Draft Plan and Phase 2.

Download the Strategic Community Plan 2018/19

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Got a question about the Strategic Community Plan 2030 or what it all means? Find your answers below in our FAQ’s.


October 2019 Community Engagement begins
18 November to 9 December Community Survey
27 November to 1 December Community Workshops
Early 2020 Draft Strategic Community Plan 2030
Early to mid 2020 Community feedback on Draft Strategic Community Plan 2030
Mid 2020 Final Draft Strategic Community Plan 2030 presented to Council


What is a Strategic Community Plan?

The Strategic Community Plan 2030 is our major planning document and it guides all the work we do. It links the community’s aspirations with Council’s long term strategy and outlines our shared vision, values and priorities for the Waroona district over the next 10 years.

 The Strategic Community Plan 2030 will promote a stronger, vibrant and more sustainable Waroona.

Why do we need a Strategic Community Plan?

The Strategic Community Plan ensures the Shire’s built and natural assets and services are focused on meeting the requirements of our community, both now and into the future. We review our financial and staffing resources as well as the constraints to ensure we can deliver what we aim for. The budget reflects the activities and projects of the Strategic Community Plan.

The Strategic Community Plan is a legislative requirement for all Local Government Authorities including the Shire of Waroona. This legislation was introduced by the Western Australian State Government in 2011.

How often is the Plan reviewed?

A full review of the Strategic Community Plan happens every four years and a minor review is every two years. We’re currently undertaking a major review, which includes community consultation to incorporate the feedback, ideas and imagination of our community. This ensures the Plan remains relevant and reflective of community aspirations and service requirements.

Our first Strategic Community Plan was adopted by Council in 2013 and reviewed in 2016.

How is the community involved?

Our community is encouraged to participate in providing feedback, ideas and imagination in the way that best suits you. We have a number of engagement activities including coffee conversations, community workshops and a survey and you’ll also be able to send us a letter or a written submission. Our website has all the information on how you can participate, and you can stay up to date by subscribing to our E-News or follow us on Facebook.

Our theme is - Our ideas and imagination are shaping Waroona!

What happens to our feedback?

All input into the Strategic Community Plan is recorded and considered. A public report will be published on the community workshops as well as an analysis of the survey and submissions, to identify the perception and issues of the community. This information will be included in the Strategic Community Plan.

We know our community has lots of great ideas, we’re keen to listen to you and to work together to achieve them. 

How can we be updated on the Plan?

The development of the Strategic Community Plan takes many months and we’ll keep you informed along the way. Look out for info on our website, stay up to date by subscribing to our E-News or follow us on Facebook.

Will we see a draft of the Plan?

Yes, the development of the Strategic Community Plan takes many months and we’ll keep you informed along the way. The Draft Strategic Community Plan will be presented to the community in early 2020 and we’ll need your feedback again. Look out for info on our website, stay up to date by subscribing to our E-News or follow us on Facebook.

What is community engagement?

Community Engagement is a process of connecting with the community, to talk about common issues, plans, projects and policies in order to shape decisions, actions and outcomes. The community engagement for the Strategic Community Plan follows the IAP2 core values of public participation and uses the spectrum as a guiding principle.

We like to think of community engagement as lots of conversations - sometimes big things happen from a little conversation. We encourage you to let us know your feedback, ideas and imagination for a stronger, vibrant and sustainable Waroona.