E-Waste Recovery at the Buller Road Refuse Disposal Site

Published on Friday, 10 November 2023 at 3:39:19 PM

The Shire of Waroona is pleased to announce it has successfully secured funding through the WasteSorted E-Waste Infrastructure Grant, administered by the Waste Authority. This funding marks the beginning of an e-waste recovery project at the Buller Road Refuse Disposal Site, set to commence operations in mid-November 2023.

This project is in alignment with the State Government's commitment to ban e-waste disposal in landfills by 2024. The initiative highlights the Shire’s dedication to environmental sustainability and commitment to the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030.

The strategy aims to transform Western Australia into a sustainable, low-waste circular economy in which human health and the environment are protected from the adverse effects of waste. Removing e-waste from landfill is a crucial step toward realising this vision, and the Shire of Waroona is proud to play a role in this undertaking.

The new e-waste recovery project represents a significant step in the Shire’s commitment to environmental responsibility. For further information, please reach out to the Shire's Senior Technical and Waste Officer on 9733 7800.

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