Local Heritage Survey 2023

Published on Monday, 4 December 2023 at 3:41:20 PM

The Shire has recently completed its Local Heritage Survey 2023. This survey replaces the previous Municipal Heritage Inventory 2001.

Local heritage surveys (formerly local heritage inventories or municipal inventories) identify and record places that are of cultural heritage significance. The local heritage survey is a starting resource for local heritage planning and in itself has no statutory role. The Local Heritage Survey 2023 will help the Shire make decisions that reflect local heritage values, and support the creation of a heritage list or heritage areas, which identify places to be protected under the local planning scheme.

The Local Heritage Survey 2023 also includes a thematic history of the Shire as an appendix. The Thematic History provides a broad historical contact for understanding the evolution of the Shire’s historical and cultural landscape, and the patterns that have shaped it over time. It uses historic themes to structure the history such as economy, infrastructure and governance.

Local Heritage Survey 2023

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