Media Release - President Reelected

Published on Friday, 29 October 2021 at 4:22:13 PM

Shire President Reelected

Media Release October 2021


At Council’s Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 26th October, reelected Councillors Mike Walmsley and Naomi Purcell together with newly elected Councillors Dion Pisconeri and Ryan Woodbury were sworn in for a term of 4 years. Congratulations to all on their appointments.


The Council also elected Councillor Mike Walmsley as President for a further two years supported by Councillor Naomi Purcell as Deputy President. The Acting Chief Executive Officer warmly welcomed and congratulated the Councillors on their appointments stating that “the reappointment of President Walmsley and Deputy President Purcell clearly shows this Councils commitment to continued progress and service delivery to our community”.


Cr Walmsley acknowledged retiring Councillors Dew and Scott. “Noel and Larry have had a combined tenure of 36 years of service to council and in that time have always acted with distinction in decisions for our community. We are grateful for their long service especially with Noel holding the position of Shire President for a number of years. They can both be proud of their local government commitment and wish them well in their retirement from council”.


Cr Walmsley went on to add that he was delighted with new Councillors Pisconeri and Woodbury and thought through their respective community involvement, would be very complimentary to the existing council. “I thank them both sincerely for stepping up for this role and know they will both bring great representation of their community to council”.


On reelection to council, Cr Walmsley stated he was humbled by Council’s support again and was excited to begin a new chapter with Deputy President Purcell’s commitment and incoming CEO Mark Goodlet starting on the 1st of November. He also thanked the tremendous staff that exist in the Waroona Shire and for embracing the journey in the last few years and hoping the next period will deliver some great outcomes.


Council together with staff and the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer are looking forward to delivering a bright future to the Shire of Waroona. The already established and future developing projects of Council strive to enhance the economy, improve the livability to the community and visitors and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Shire of Waroona.

Reelected Vice President Naomi Purcell and President Mike Walmsley, new Councillor Dion Pisconeri, Mr John Salerian JP and new Councillor Ryan Woodbury

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