Official name revealed for the Waroona Community Precinct

Published on Friday, 27 October 2023 at 11:03:52 AM

Railside Park is unveiled

The official name for the Waroona Community Precinct has been unveiled. The transformational project will be opened in December 2023 and will be known as Railside Park.

Shire President Mike Walmsley said the new name was steeped in historical significance and reflects the roots and growth of the Waroona community.

“The name ‘Railside Park’ pays homage to a pivotal moment in our local history — the completion of the Perth to Picton railway in 1893. This significant milestone opened up our district to new opportunities and connections, paving the way for the prosperity and development that followed,” Cr Walmsley said.

Situated on a site that stretches from South Western Highway to Fouracre Street, and running alongside the railway, Railside Park honours a time where rail was not merely a means of transportation, but a conduit that connected Waroona to the State. Through the railway, mail and groceries arrived, and local farmers dispatched milk, cream and potatoes to neighboring towns, establishing Waroona as a vital hub in the region.

The railway also became a driving force behind the growth of logging and timber milling within the Shire, stimulating economic progress and shaping our community's identity.

For the young and young at heart, there is a double-meaning to the name ‘Railside Park’, which is a nod to skaters and others using the rail on the skate equipment to perform tricks.

Cr Walmsley said Railside Park was not the only new name connected to the Waroona Community Precinct site to be revealed.

“Members of the community have contributed to naming different sections within the park, including the Skatewave Skatepark and Noongar Maar-keny Bonar, our Six Seasons Garden,” Cr Walmsley said.

A competition conducted through the two Waroona schools saw year 5 student Evelyn Woodley come up with the winning name for the eagerly-awaited Skatewave Skatepark. With street and transition elements for all levels, the skatepark features a mini ramp, transition area, flow section, tabletop with hips, an opposing bank, quarter pipe, roll in, ledge and rail.

Noongar Maar-keny Bonar means Noongar Six Season and was suggested and approved by the Waroona Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation. The garden includes endemic and iconic local plant species reflecting the Noongar six seasons.

Cr Walmsley said elements of Railside Park will be officially opened at a ribbon cutting event on 12 December 2023, while the full park would be opened to the community at a Twilight Community Celebration on 2 February 2024.

“As we continue to build upon our rich heritage, Railside Park will stand as a reminder of our collective journey and the story that has defined us throughout the years. My hope is that Railside Park will become the new heart of our town, bringing together locals and visitors and providing a catalyst for the revitalisation to come,” Cr Walmsley said.

Railside Park has been jointly funded by the Australian Government ($900,000), the State Government through the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and Lotterywest, Shire of Waroona, Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund and the Lions Club of Waroona.

Overhead view of Railside Park under construction

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