Revitalisation Unveiled: Railside Park To Transform Waroona Town Centre

Published on Tuesday, 12 December 2023 at 3:31:35 PM

A unique multigenerational and multipurpose park designed to commence the revitalisation of the Waroona town centre has been officially launched today by Hon. Donald Punch MLA, Minister for Regional Development; Disability Services; Fisheries; Seniors and Ageing; Volunteering.


Situated on South Western Highway and stretching down to Fouracre Street and the Waroona train station, the new park includes a pump track, skatepark, junior playground, fenced toddler play area, grassed open space, a Noongar six seasons garden and picnic area. Railside Park is also the new home of the Waroona War Memorial, which has been relocated to allow for more significant commemorative services.  


Along with bringing the community together within the town centre, the transformation of 11,500sqm of previously underutilised land is expected to draw visitors, providing tourists with a reason to stop and spend time in the town.

Shire of Waroona Shire President Mike Walmsley highlighted the community's crucial role in identifying the need for a shared inclusive space, as well as actively participating in planning and fundraising efforts.

"The opening of Railside Park is an opportunity to grow social capital in our town, enhancing vibrancy for our residents and visitors, and importantly, provide an area that will have multiple uses and activities."

Cr Walmsley also praised the efforts of State, Federal and corporate supporters who were instrumental in raising the funding needed to complete the project, particularly in light of construction cost escalations post-COVID.

The State Government invested $4.4 million in the project (Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund, Lotterywest and Election Commitment funding) and the Australian Government has contributed $1.2 million). The project has also been supported by the Alcoa Waroona Sustainability Fund with a $1 million investment, the Shire of Waroona and the Lions Club of Waroona.

Although Railside Park is not yet open to the public, final installations will be completed over the coming months, with the construction fencing removed before Christmas. A twilight community celebration is scheduled to officially open the park to the public on 2 February 2024.


Highlighted Features of Railside Park:

  • 7,650sqm green space in the town centre, the Lotterywest Greenspace
  • Playground with giant windmill and nature play, catering for a range of ages and capabilities.
  • Skatepark with unique obstacles catering to all skill levels including a mini ramp, transition area, flow section with humps, pockets and extensions, a tabletop with hips, an opposing bank, a quarter pipe, roll in, ledge and rail.
  • 256sqm pump track with lumps and berms.
  • Amenities including shade, electric BBQ, benches, water fountain and toilet block.
  • 1,466sqm of landscaping, including a Noongar six-season native species garden with 1,470 plants.
  • Modifications to Fouracre Street to link Railside Park to the east side of Fouracre Street and the train line.
  • Facilities for visitors, including rest areas and RV parking.

Future Stage:

The next phase of this project will be to restore the two existing buildings within the Precinct. These are the heritage-listed Irrigation House office and the Big Shed, which will both be repurposed to create additional event and café/restaurant space.


Artworks and Heritage Interpretation:

Railside Park features a number of arts, cultural and heritage interpretations from the community, including:

  • An inset water ribbon in the pathway, symbolising the importance of water to Waroona’s economy and environment.
  • Railway-themed punched panel in the shade shelter.
  • Dethridge wheel water feature and rock-lined play water channel.
  • Old laundry copper from the (former) Mitchell’s residence on site.
  • Heritage markers to recognise the location of the old Hall, which had been used for Scouts, Guides and church services.
  • Noongar Maar-keny Bonar Six Seasons Garden.

Additional artworks are currently being developed for installation in the first half of 2024. The ideas and themes for these were developed with input from the local community, and will include carved timber bush poles, large format murals and sculptures.


Anticipated Benefits of Railside Park:

  • Amplifying vibrancy in the town centre.
  • Establishing a central hub for diverse community events.
  • Cultivating a sense of place identity through historical, artistic, and interpretative elements.
  • Enhancing tourism with upgraded facilities and convenient RV parking.
  • Stimulating local businesses through increased spending and economic opportunities.    

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