War Memorial Relocation

Published on Wednesday, 8 November 2023 at 1:33:26 PM

Dear Residents and Community Members, 

For several years now there have been questions about the current location of the Waroona War Memorial. The site at the corner of South Western Highway and Parnell Street has presented challenges such as closing the highway to traffic on ANZAC Day and the noise of passing vehicles on Remembrance Day. These issues prompted discussions with the former Waroona RSL about the possibility of finding a new, central location for the Waroona War Memorial that would suitably honour our veterans and host more dignified commemorative events.

After careful consideration and collaboration, I am pleased to announce that a new home has been identified for the Waroona War Memorial. It has been thoughtfully integrated into the design for the soon-to-be-launched Railside Park (Waroona Community Precinct) and will be relocated alongside the open lawn area.

The new location fulfills all the necessary criteria for providing a dignified and respectful space for formal ceremonies, moments of quiet reflection, and the honouring of our veterans. It is a far safer location for parades, which can now take place along Fouracre Street. The grass area will provide ample space to set up seating for services and all amenities are conveniently located on the one site. With growing attendance at our commemorative events and the added convenience of closer, designated parking, Railside Park provides a fitting new home.

The Waroona War Memorial is scheduled for relocation in late November to coincide with the completion of the work on Railside Park. This will enable the Shire to host ANZAC Day in 2025 at the new location. 

I extend a warm invitation to the entire community to join me this Friday at the combined school's Remembrance Day service. It will be a poignant occasion, marking the last service to be held at the Waroona War Memorial's current site.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Walmsley

Shire President

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