Waroona Budget Endorsed with No Rate Increase

Published on Friday, 31 July 2020 at 7:59:12 AM


In reflecting the financial challenges COVID-19 has had on the community, the Waroona Council endorsed a nil rate increase for the 2020/21 financial year.

As a further acknowledgement, no fees or charges will increase for the coming year.

Shire President Cr Mike Walmsley said “The nil rates increase has made it a challenge to balance the needs of the community with the current challenges caused by the pandemic, but it is something I believe we have hit the right balance with.

We have acknowledged how difficult it is for many residents, so we have made a decision to cushion the financial blow as much as possible by freezing rates”.

“We have been able to make administrative savings through resource sharing our Chief Executive Officer with the Shire of Murray and reducing our senior management team by one officer in this budget”.

The budget includes a number of initiatives that includes:

  • A total civil construction programme of $1,743,544, which includes:
  • Somers Road reconstruction and widening – 800m
  • Mayfield Road reconstruction and widening – 650m
  • Coronation Road reseal – various sections
  • Johnson Road reconstruct and reseal – 2.2km
  • Nanga Brook Road Black Spot works
  • Lake Clifton road verge improvements
  • Peppermint Grove Road culvert headwalls and guard rail
  • Millar Street school parking, kerb and path
  • Chalet Vale Close and Millar Street drainage works
  • Fawcett Road tree pruning
  • South West Highway footpaths improvements – Millar to McDowell Street & adjacent to newsagency
  • Drakesbrook Weir barbeque electricity installation
  • Sporting Oval reticulation works
  • Complete Waroona West Fire Station - $99,000
  • Replace CCTV cameras on South West Highway - $10,000
  • Refuse Site liquid waste facility closure - $55,000
  • Recreation Centre building upgrades - $226,000
  • Cricket Practice Net construction - $63,000
  • Visitor Centre repairs and upgrades to kitchen and floor - $22,000
  • Information Bay sign replacement - $8,000

Council has also focused on increasing its allocation to its Plant Replacement Reserve to smooth major purchase impacts in future years.

Residents should be aware that while there is a rates freeze for this year, due to the annual Unimproved Valuation revaluations, some properties under UV may increase or decrease slightly depending on whether their property values increased or decreased. 

“The overall rates collection has not increased, and any movement to UV landowners is due to valuation fluctuations through the Office of the Valuer General and not by Council”, Cr Walmsley said.

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