Preston Beach Access Improvements - Have your say

Published on Monday, 10 July 2023 at 10:46:48 AM

The Shire has received $100,000 State Government funding for Improved inclusive access at Preston Beach.


The Shire has been consulting with Preston Beach residents for options to improve disability access at the beach area.  The consultation has been by way of a Preston Beach working group, contact with the Progress Association and a community survey, to seek a preference for a temporary rollout mat (Option 1) , Improved all all-abilities access for facilities at the carpark and equipment upgrades (Option 2), or a boardwalk with seven location options (Options 3a to g). The feedback indicated that the preferred option was for a boardwalk/viewing platform overall.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3a

Option 3b

Option 3c

Option 3d

Option 3e

Option 3f

Option 3g

At the same time, investigations for project costs and securing extra funding have been underway and it has become apparent that the extra cost and time needed to construct a durable and access compliant boardwalk/viewing platform are beyond the available grant funding and timing parameters and further funding is not available. The Preston Beach Working Group has met again in light of these findings and has considered an additional project, the Community Garden Stage 2, as well as the original non-boardwalk options already under consideration.  The Community Garden Stage 2 is seen as a worthwhile project for a future occasion, but it doesn’t meet the objectives of the original grant funding proposal, which is to improve accessible access at the beach. Cost, approval and timing issues may also arise with the Community Garden Stage 2 project.


The Working Group has agreed that the best option to meet the grant objectives, available funding and timelines is Option 2, Improved all all-abilities access for facilities at the carpark and equipment upgrades. The carpark already has good disabled parking and this option will allow people of all abilities to gain access to the playground equipment, the shelters and bbqs along with upgrades to the playground equipment to cater for all-abilities.


The Council of course is seeking community support for this option ahead of its decision to proceed. If you have ideas about playground equipment and improved all-abilities access at the beach carpark area please let us know by emailing us at

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